What is a Rape and How to Protect Yourself

What is considered as unwanted intercourse?

Unwanted sex is considered a crime. Rape is one of the ultimate forms of sexual violence and sexual abuse. We often think that the perpetrator is an unknown person and that rape happens in a dark alley, but in most cases it is about someone whom the victim knows, whether it be a friend, a relative, a former lover or intoxicated partner. That is why victims are all too often divided between feelings of forgiveness and the feeling that they should do something. In such case it is necessary to take appropriate measures and report the act to the competent authorities. michelle johal wants to provide you with all the necessary information in order to protect yourself.

What to do in case of rape?

The attack must be reported as soon as possible. After the report there is also a medical examination, where the investigators establish if the victim was raped and that is enough proof to immediately put the criminal in jail. It should be noted that there are various SOS phones for victims of violence and trauma so that they can get over this painful experience as fast as possible. In such situations it is always best to ask for professional help. It is also necessary to determine whether there is a pregnancy, or some sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It is necessary to overcome feelings of guilt and not let them turn into rage. There are some criminals who often defend themselves saying that the victim was dressed provocatively or was flirting with them, but that is definitely not a reason to do such a crime. In fact, no one deserves something like that. There is no excuse for performing such crime.

How to protect yourself before the attack?

Never, but never let a stranger sit in your car, or ask for a ride to a certain place from a complete stranger. Hitchhiking can be very dangerous, so it is always good to spend more money and go home with a taxi than trying to save money and ask for a free ride. Because these people almost always ask for something in return. If you want to go outside for running or walk your dog, never choose secluded and dark streets for walking, and also avoid suspicious groups of men. If you are being followed by someone suspicious do not be embarrassed to knock on the first house you see and ask for a help from people, and if necessary if you are in a big danger, to get someone’s attention, you can also break the window. If you are meeting with someone for the first time, choose some public place with a lot of people. You should never trust a stranger.

If necessary, be ready to fight. That is why it is important to visit some self – defense classes so that you can defend yourself in such situations.

Prostitution and how to report it

criminal defence lawyer north york is needed for many different things, including prostitution which is one of the oldest types of crimes.

Prostitution, pornography and other forms of commercial sex are a multimillion dollar industry. It is used to enrich a small minority of predators while most companies pay the damages.

Persons employed in the sex industry often require medical attention as a result of the ongoing violence. Most of them need to be treated for infections, including AIDS. Survivors often need mental help for post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts. About a third of them end up chronically incapacitated to do anything.

Sex trafficking has played an active role in increasing the problems of alcohol and drugs abuse. Pimps also use prostitutes in fraud and counterfeiting. The company must pay for the treatment of drug addicts, insurance costs and arrests. In addition to these costs, society loses the contribution that could be used for legitimate social activity of the victims of the sex industry.

Supervisors in jobs with sex not only do not pay these people, many manage to avoid payment of all costs.
No business cannot afford to create a product for which there are no buyers. The first step in understanding the sex industry is in understanding the buyer. Prostitution is considered as a business for many people. Lots of them got rich by selling innocent women all over the world. The saddest thing is that there is no really a way to stop this and prevent it from happening. It is a global problem that exists everywhere.

Prostitution is one of the worst types of crimes that is often being neglected. Although everyone has a right to work and be independent, many women decide to work as prostitutes because they have nothing else to do. Prostitutes are often women who were abused by their families or partner. Most of them have emotional trauma and are doing that to prove to the society that they can be independent too. Unfortunately a large number of prostitutes end up as addicts who abuse alcohol and drugs. They work to buy alcohol and drugs. Some of them have kids who were given for an adoption because they were not able to find a decent job and are working as prostitutes.

Prostitution is forbidden by the authorities for many reasons. It can be a cause of spreading many illnesses that most of the times have permanent damage on people’s health.

If you know someone who works in this field you should report it immediately. First, have a conversation with a criminal defense lawyer who will give you legal advice about what to do. Then, go to the authorities and report the crime. Only a small number of people decides to report these types of crimes because they feel that they may get involved into something bad.