What to expect in the first year of marriage

sim wedding will tell you what to expect in the first year of marriage.

Once the wedding is over, as well as the crazy and unforgettable honeymoon, things are kind of getting boring. Time goes by, and you slowly realize that you’ve spent so much timeorganizing the whole wedding, that you didn’t really had the time to think about how your marriage will be. The honeymoon phase is now over … it was an illusion, is this another unfulfilled fairytale? STOP, STOP, is not as it looks like, somewhere behind the initial disappointment lies happiness, the flash of lifetime spent together with your partner.

Unpleasant surprises, quarrels and disputes are nothing unusual, nor worrisome. Make sure that the silver shoe is yours, and that he is the real prince. You will face a lot of problems, but you must learn how to solve every single one of them.

You act like a child

Do not behave like a child, consciously accept the role of a wife and a housekeeper. From now on, you should replace your old habits with new ones. Marriage doesn’t have to be hard, try to make it fun.

You feel like you have forgottensomething

Just a few weeks ago you had so much work, planning etc. Now when you are together, start planning the rest of your life.

Tips about babiescome right away

You still haven’t picked up your wedding dress from the dry cleaning, and people are already giving you impatient advice on birth and babies. Before you fall into despair, have patience and know that the decision to have a baby is only yours and your partner’s of course. But if you know that you are absolutely ready, do not suffer under pressure, just let it happen.

Arguments over and over again

You should accept the fact that you will find his clothes on the floor, he almost always makes a mess when you clean before the guests are coming. There will be unpleasant words, but do not take them seriously, let them pass quickly and forget about them. Be tolerant, accept his defects and he will accept yours. In moments of anger stop, count to ten and continue as if nothing happened.

Your relationship with your mother in law is a fight for life

Good or bad, the mother of your husband is here for him. Mothers in law can be hard, but you should keep the stitches. Combine the love and respect with clearly defined boundaries and you will be on the right track to build a strong and long term relationship.

You miss your mother

Although you wanted to be independent for a very long time, now you suddenly miss your mom. Especially now when you need to take care of the house and obligations. Do not get disappointed, ask for some help from yourpartner.

You cannot change his bad habits

He doesn’t put things in their place, often does wrong things even though you told him the rules. Do not expect him to be perfect, you are not perfect either.