What is a Rape and How to Protect Yourself

What is considered as unwanted intercourse?

Unwanted sex is considered a crime. Rape is one of the ultimate forms of sexual violence and sexual abuse. We often think that the perpetrator is an unknown person and that rape happens in a dark alley, but in most cases it is about someone whom the victim knows, whether it be a friend, a relative, a former lover or intoxicated partner. That is why victims are all too often divided between feelings of forgiveness and the feeling that they should do something. In such case it is necessary to take appropriate measures and report the act to the competent authorities. michelle johal wants to provide you with all the necessary information in order to protect yourself.

What to do in case of rape?

The attack must be reported as soon as possible. After the report there is also a medical examination, where the investigators establish if the victim was raped and that is enough proof to immediately put the criminal in jail. It should be noted that there are various SOS phones for victims of violence and trauma so that they can get over this painful experience as fast as possible. In such situations it is always best to ask for professional help. It is also necessary to determine whether there is a pregnancy, or some sexually transmitted diseases or infections. It is necessary to overcome feelings of guilt and not let them turn into rage. There are some criminals who often defend themselves saying that the victim was dressed provocatively or was flirting with them, but that is definitely not a reason to do such a crime. In fact, no one deserves something like that. There is no excuse for performing such crime.

How to protect yourself before the attack?

Never, but never let a stranger sit in your car, or ask for a ride to a certain place from a complete stranger. Hitchhiking can be very dangerous, so it is always good to spend more money and go home with a taxi than trying to save money and ask for a free ride. Because these people almost always ask for something in return. If you want to go outside for running or walk your dog, never choose secluded and dark streets for walking, and also avoid suspicious groups of men. If you are being followed by someone suspicious do not be embarrassed to knock on the first house you see and ask for a help from people, and if necessary if you are in a big danger, to get someone’s attention, you can also break the window. If you are meeting with someone for the first time, choose some public place with a lot of people. You should never trust a stranger.

If necessary, be ready to fight. That is why it is important to visit some self – defense classes so that you can defend yourself in such situations.

What to look for while hiring services of Toronto tax lawyer

Taxation problems are the ones which are most of the times very sensitive. You will not want to discuss the same with everybody. Rather you would look out for those tax lawyers Toronto who will help you get rid of the different problems which can happen. You will need tax lawyers not just to monitor your taxation system. Their help may be required when you want to plan your estate or then just want to plan full proof strategies. You can also hire Toronto tax lawyer services if you want them to file the taxes of your business organization.

There will be a few things which you will have to note before you happen to look out for any such tax lawyer. Mentioned are some different points which you will have to check so that you happen to hire the one who is just the best and also offers reliable services. Mentioned below are a few things which you need to look at before hiring services of these attorneys.

1.)    Professional organization

When you come across any of the tax law lawyer it is important to check whether they have their own organization or then are affiliated with some financial organization. This will make things simple to understand because then you can research well about them. If they belong to any organization you can get referrals for the same.  You can do this research, not just over the Internet but can also ask those who have been their past clients.

2.)    Knowledge held

Taxation policies change every year. There are too many amendments which the policy makers come up with. It is essential for the tax lawyer to know about this and be sure on whatever they are offering. If not chances of you paying extra charges or penalties will be high. Therefore when you come across some referrals of such lawyers, it is essential to meet them once and ask a few relevant questions. This will help you know about the knowledge they have and how updated they are with market terms and strategies.

3.)    Market reputation:

As this will involve sharing of company books of accounts and lot other private information, it is important to look for hst tax lawyer who is trustworthy. To be sure about this you can perform a check on their market reputation. With this, you will get an idea about their reliability and the kind of services which they will offer you with.

4.)    Credential they have:

Ask your Toronto tax lawyer for their credentials. It is important that the one you want to select has the license to perform the taxation activities. They should have a proper license from the state government regulatory board. This will not just give you a feeling of safety but will also help you be sure of the business information which is shared.

Other than this there will be a lot of other things too which you will have to look into while looking out for such a tax law lawyer for your organization needs. Taking referrals and then researching on you will also help to a great extent.

Reasons you Need a Good Brampton criminal lawyer

In case you are facing an extreme penalty, it is the right time to have the best and right Brampton criminal lawyer to fight the case for you.

If there is a criminal penalty on you, you should hire the right defense lawyer, except your earnings, meets the criteria for you to get the court appointed defense lawyer. The legal system is such that even in case you are extremely intelligent and capable of fighting the trial yourself but it is not possible. This does not mean that the person on whom the charge is levied cannot fight the case. The main reason n behind this is that not every criminal case is the same; the criminal defence lawyers Brampton are experienced as well as trained to understand the details and make a strong case to fight. They work their best to ensure that the outcome is positive and on your side.

The criminal defense lawyer might spot particular factors that can even negate the potential crime on you. Getting a lawyer to stand for you in the court is an essential. Other than calling the witnesses and cross examining the witnesses put forward by the prosecution, there are many other things as well  that you can expect from the Brampton criminal lawyer:

  • Work with you as well as the prosecutor to talk and fix a deal. These are the deals that can frequently reduce the potential charges that are levied against you. There is no doubt that the lawyer can do this for you but also remember one thing that the prosecutors often do not negotiate with the defendants to represent yourself.
  • They are your best guide when you go through an emotional roller coaster with the criminal case. The defendants are often depressed as well as fearful during the trial.
  • The criminal lawyers provide a reality check. They will know earlier and better on what exactly is going on during the trial. The lawyers remain objective throughout the trial and offer you insights on the proceedings and also let you know what might happen in the future. These reality checks play a very important role in deciding whether you should accept the prosecutor’s plea bargain or not.
  • The criminal lawyer can easily get evidence from the witnesses that the prosecution is going to call. The witnesses willingly give their testimony to the lawyer.
  • The professional can even hire investigators to investigate the crime as well as the witnesses that the prosecution is willing to call. There are chances that the investigators can help the lawyers to build a stronger case for that will help you get a positive outcome at the end.
  • The lawyer will find the witnesses that are on your side and present the evidence in the court that would show your innocence.

The above mentioned are all the important services that the criminal lawyer can do for you and it is nothing wrong in expecting these services from the professional. Ensure that choose the best one to represent you in the court.

Top Things to know about making a Will

There is a common myth that older people make a will for their inheritors. Accidents never occur with any prior intimation. If all of a sudden you come across with such an event and have the die premature, your family can be at stake. It is the duty of every individual adult to draft a will and declare the heirs legally. If you are a responsible spouse and a parent, making a will can keep your family safe even if you die early. With the help of a reliable wills & estates lawyer Toronto, the will can be made easily and without anticipating any unnecessary hindrance.

So, know the top things for making a will—

Get an executor

The executor of the will can be called as the “archangel” protecting the assets that you have divided among the heirs. Find a trusted and responsible friend or relative as your executor who can follow the things which you have mentioned for him/her properly. Hire a reliable Toronto Wills & Estates lawyer to take care of the whole process.

It is the executor’s responsibility to offer the properties, money and other assets among your loved ones accordingly you have mentioned. After allotting the money, and other assets to the persons that you will mention in the will, the executor will close the accounts and do other bank jobs or legal tasks as asked by your wills & estates lawyer in Toronto.

Name a guardian if your heirs are Under 18

If your children are your heir, a guardian to the will that you will make for them is needed until and unless they become 18. Adults can take good care of the assets and properties as they develop to be more matured. Until then, you have to select a guardian to the will under the legal advice of the will and estate lawyers Toronto. Make sure that person is completely reliable and is compassionate towards your children. If you die untimely, that person can be the best caretaker of the children and when they will become 18+, he/she can pass over the assets to them per your last wishes.

The government can spilt the assets if the will is not made

To secure the future of your lawful spouse and kids, you should make a will beforehand. Death is unpredictable, thus, to take proper care in advance can be beneficial is all respect. Unfortunately, if you die early without leaving any will, all your assets will be taken over by the government that split the properties among the surviving spouse and the living parents or children. But, if you prepare the will earlier following the good advice of the wills & estates lawyer in Toronto, the assets can be split among the ones you want.

Keep the original will in the bank safe and keep a copy in your home so that the will can remain protected even when you are not home. When it comes to assets, take only good advices from the will and estate lawyers Toronto to take smarter decisions.

Reasons to Hire Criminal Lawyers in Brampton

If you have just been arrested for a criminal offense, what do you think are you supposed to do? You may assume that you are not supposed to do anything but the things that you have done or the accusations that are hurled against you will not go away. You have to act fast in order to save yourself. Your initial reaction may be to leave so that you will be able to avoid the law but is this best thing to do?

Perhaps what you can do instead is to search for a Brampton criminal defense lawyer. Admittedly, searching for the right lawyer will not be easy as there are different lawyers to choose from. When you check out their credentials, they all seem qualified and they all seem to know what they are supposed to do regarding your case but you can only choose one or a few depending on how grave the accusation is or how much money you are willing to spend for the case filed against you.

Are you still contemplating if you should choose the right Brampton defense lawyer? Here are some reasons that will allow you to make up your mind.

  1. If you do not have any knowledge about the current legal system, you can never go wrong with hiring the right criminal defense attorney. The lawyer will be in charge of explaining the different twists and turns of the law that you do not understand.
  2. They can look at your situation without being biased. If you would tell someone you know about the case that you are facing, you may be surprised with how they will look at you afterwards. Instead of presuming that you are innocent until you are proven guilty, some of your so called friends and some of your family members might start to avoid you like plague. Having a criminal defense lawyer in Brampton will let you confide in someone who will look at you and your case with unbiased eyes and will base their reasoning on the evidences that will be found.
  3. They can have access to some professional witnesses that you may need depending on what your case is. Lawyers will be in charge of hiring some private detectives that can research about your case and get to know what truly transpired so that your name will be cleared. If you know that you have not done anything wrong, the things that the lawyer can provide will surely help.
  4. Lawyers will have a better grasp of the legal procedures that should be undertaken. When you are being suspected of doing a crime, you are not allowed to leave the city that you are in. You may not know this so the Brampton criminal lawyer that you are going to hire will be in charge of filling you in about the different rules and legal procedures that you have to follow. If you do not follow, more cases may be filed against you.

If in case you are truly at fault then your lawyer may be in charge of speaking with the other party if they are willing to go for a settlement instead of settling your issues in court. This will make the whole situation far easier for you and the other party involved. The reasons that are mentioned above are enough to let you choose the right lawyer for you.

Overtime or wage disputes solved by an employment lawyer

An employee is eligible for getting overtime pay if he or she has worked more than 40 hours in a week. However, most companies ignore this rule and try to get as many hours as possible with their employees or workers. Only a few of the workers realize that they are being exploited and approach Toronto employment law firms to have justice. Most of the workers are not aware of this fact or they just simply accept this form of exploitation in fear of losing their jobs.

Common manipulations in Overtime pay

According to the observations of De Bousquet Toronto, there are three major types of scams or manipulations companies would employ to cheat the workers of their overtime pay.

  1. Misclassification – In any company or industry, the workers are classified into two groups – exempt workers and non-exempt workers. Non-exempt workers, if work for overtime, should receive overtime pay from the company without any regulations. However, some companies illegally place the name of a worker in the exempt list so that they don’t have to pay those extra wages. This is strictly against the rules and the worker can sue the company by the help of employment lawyers Toronto.

The common way to make an employee or worker illegible for overtime pay is to place them under the class of managerial employees or workers. But, in reality this is not the case and the company would save a lot of money by placing their workers in such positions without their notice.

  1. Chinese Overtime – The Chinese worksheet is for those workers who have fluctuating timings and their timings are noted so that a set target is met in order to pay them. This is not suitable for those who come to work on a regular basis. Toronto employment law firms explain that Chinese worksheets take average of the work hours and pay accordingly to the workers. This is in contrast to the workers who come to the work place on a fixed agreement.
  1. Calculating the work hours – This in another commonly manipulated factor that goes unnoticed by most of the workers. The income is changed based on the day and time at which the worker is working and it is calculated at the end of the week or month. Further, these calculations are revised every now and then, making it very difficult for the workers to understand what they are going to get. Many companies follow this policy and the workers think that it is fair, but it is not so and they can approach employment lawyers Toronto to deal with the problem.
  1. Company Policies – There are some really interesting company policies such as no payment during lunch breaks, no payment during training period, no payment for overtime, no payment for the time taken to put the gear on and off, etc. that seriously dent the number of hours worked by a worker. Such policies are against the law and the workers can retaliate against it as well.

These are some of the common manipulations that an employment lawyer can save the worker from. Further, the lawyer ensures that the worker will get his full wage and the compensation by the company for cheating him or her.


5 Ways a criminal lawyer Toronto can Helps in domestic assault charges

If you have been abused and subjected to domestic violence then you will need a legal aid immediately. You can access the reliable ones at www.thebestdefence.ca. It is your lawyer who can assist you in protecting yourself and even your family members by getting a restraining order. And if there are children involved then he is the one who will help you fight for the custody.

At the same time, there are ample records of fake domestic violence charges. If you want to keep the custody of your children and stay out of jail, you will need the assistance of a criminal lawyer Toronto.

Here is how the criminal lawyers in Toronto can help you with the assault charges:

Domestic violence and any form of assault leading to bodily harm are considered as serious offenses. One who is accused of such crime will have to seek the criminal lawyer at the earliest or have to suffer from severe penalties.


When you are arrested under the assault charges then you should be prepared for a serious jail time. Additionally, there are pretty hefty fines that you might be slapped with. However, if you have good legal representation then chances are that you might get a bail or even come out clean if you have good records to support you.


Partners often get into an argument and it gets out of hand at times. This is often tagged as abuse. However, the Toronto criminal defense lawyer will defend your side and justify your side in the court. Your lawyer will confidently present your case and prove if it is false. His aim will be to prove the charges baseless and get them dropped against you.

Understanding Assault:

On the other hand, if you have been suffering for a long time, you will need an experienced attorney to present your case. Any person, be it a boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband or any person who inflicts mental or physical torture is labeled as assault and abuse. There are too many assumptions related to a domestic assault. This is precisely why you need a professional.

Strong Representation:

Many times, the gravity of the claims are mocked in the court. The person whose rights are violated is often challenged to prove the assault and abuse. In such cases, you will need a criminal lawyer Toronto with expertise in domestic assault area who can represent your seriously.


Whether you are accused of assault or intend to file charges, your criminal lawyer will help you understand your case well. This is to help you prepare for all the implications. There will be penalties depending on the gravity and intensity of the crime. If you are been accused then your lawyer will defend your case to reduce the penalties. However, the same lawyer will ensure that the person who violated your rights gets punished severely.

It is best to pick a lawyer to represent you from the best Toronto criminal law firm. You will surely find a passionate and aggressive lawyer to represent your case and fight for your justice.


What a dui lawyer advices to drivers

Here are some facts from RGZ Torontothat will remind you why driving a car drunk can be bad for you, and for all road users.

First, from a health point of view: It is important to note that alcohol slows down functions that have the strongest effect on the central nervous system and the muscles, dulling the senses and the most dangerous is that it can have an impact on breathing center, so it could even cause a death. Alcohol also reduces the ability to focus and concentrate.

Leads to causing accidents: In adulthood most teenagers acquire a license for operating a motor vehicle. However, young drivers often forget that alcohol affects the ability to react, and allow themselves to drive under the influence of alcohol. The result can be an accident that could harm them and their passengers. Just one cup of liquor increases the likelihood of the driver to be a participant in a fatal accident. It is estimated that one glass of whiskey or liquor, increases the content of alcohol in the blood which increases the risk of causing a fatal accident.

Increases the desire for fast and aggressive behavior in traffic: Alcohol increases the level of adrenaline and makes you feel strong and immortal. Alcohol affects the creation of false perceptions and false security that states the driver under the influence of alcohol.Drunk drivers press the gas pedal without thinking about the consequences which is why we often hear how speeding is the cause of accidents, but behind speeding alcohol stands as a main cause of this kind of behavior on the road.

What drivers need to know:

– They should not operate a motor vehicle whenunder the influence of alcohol

– Driver beginners must follow all the rules

– Drivers need to wear seat belts

– Drivers must drive at the appropriate speed

Possible financial losses and other negative implications for drunk drivers:

– Collision with the police, possibly bringing to a police station and retention to sobriety, filing of criminal charges and having in court proceedings depending on the amount of alcohol found in the blood, the driver will also have to pay fine, in addition to the monetary fine the driver will get a prohibition of driving a motor vehicle for a period of 3 to 12 months.

Therefore, do not drive a car under the influence of alcohol. Before you sit behind the wheel, – think about whether it is worth sacrificing your life and the lives of other road users by driving drunk. There is always the option to call a taxi and safely get to your home. If not, you can ask some friends or family to give you a ride. There are always better and smarter options than driving drunk.

Prostitution and how to report it

criminal defence lawyer north york is needed for many different things, including prostitution which is one of the oldest types of crimes.

Prostitution, pornography and other forms of commercial sex are a multimillion dollar industry. It is used to enrich a small minority of predators while most companies pay the damages.

Persons employed in the sex industry often require medical attention as a result of the ongoing violence. Most of them need to be treated for infections, including AIDS. Survivors often need mental help for post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts. About a third of them end up chronically incapacitated to do anything.

Sex trafficking has played an active role in increasing the problems of alcohol and drugs abuse. Pimps also use prostitutes in fraud and counterfeiting. The company must pay for the treatment of drug addicts, insurance costs and arrests. In addition to these costs, society loses the contribution that could be used for legitimate social activity of the victims of the sex industry.

Supervisors in jobs with sex not only do not pay these people, many manage to avoid payment of all costs.
No business cannot afford to create a product for which there are no buyers. The first step in understanding the sex industry is in understanding the buyer. Prostitution is considered as a business for many people. Lots of them got rich by selling innocent women all over the world. The saddest thing is that there is no really a way to stop this and prevent it from happening. It is a global problem that exists everywhere.

Prostitution is one of the worst types of crimes that is often being neglected. Although everyone has a right to work and be independent, many women decide to work as prostitutes because they have nothing else to do. Prostitutes are often women who were abused by their families or partner. Most of them have emotional trauma and are doing that to prove to the society that they can be independent too. Unfortunately a large number of prostitutes end up as addicts who abuse alcohol and drugs. They work to buy alcohol and drugs. Some of them have kids who were given for an adoption because they were not able to find a decent job and are working as prostitutes.

Prostitution is forbidden by the authorities for many reasons. It can be a cause of spreading many illnesses that most of the times have permanent damage on people’s health.

If you know someone who works in this field you should report it immediately. First, have a conversation with a criminal defense lawyer who will give you legal advice about what to do. Then, go to the authorities and report the crime. Only a small number of people decides to report these types of crimes because they feel that they may get involved into something bad.

Children and divorce

Divorce is certainly one of the most dramatic events in the life of the family and every divorce law firms Toronto is aware of that. No matter how good or bad the marriage was, the reason still leaves a deep mark and spouses need a long recovering from the stress. Although it may seem to you that you are the saddestpersonin the world, there is someone who suffers about your divorce much more than you, and that is your child.

Many psychologists believe that the childrenshould not be the reason to stay married. Rather, bad marriage will have a much more negative effect than divorce, because the child will certainly notice that something strange is happening. It is required the child to be prepared for this new situation.

The child always comes first

When it comes to divorce, parents are often feeling guilty and trying to think of somestories to tell their children, in order to make them understand. But if you want your childrento be honest with you in the future, then you must be honest with them too.

If you and your partner are two reasonable human beings who think that solution can be found only through a divorce, make sure the to tell your child.

The conversation with the child has to be done by both, either together or separately. If you choose the second option, then your stories must match in order not to confuse and hurt your child even more.

Knowing your child, you can imagine what questions would follow when you mention the divorce.Prepare adequate answers to match.

Do not be selfish

Even if your partner has done something horrible, hold the anger to yourself. Because the child does not need have negative feelings for the other parent. The child needs to know that the decision was mutual and that you will stay his/her parents forever.

Most of the times children see themselves as the reason for the divorce of their parents. Given that children are stubborn, you should be persistent in wanting to convince them that there is no reason to feel that way. Explain that your love for them cannot disappear even if you and the other parent cannot be together anymore.

Life goes on

Explain in details what changes the child should await, where and who will live with, how often he/she will see the other parent. No matter where the child stays, both parents must give immense attention and have an understanding of the child’s feelings.

Never neglect the children, no matter how hard you feel. Their well – being and their real education must always be on your mind. In addition, you will feel better even for a moment if you forget the sorrow when you see your children smile.

To provide a proper care for your child it does not mean that you have to spoil him/her. You do not need to neglect the school obligations, nor should you allow them to do what they want in order not to feel bad because the label “child of divorced parents” will be mentioned.You need to be friend with your kid and show them the right path.