Various types of animal wasted used for biomass fuels

As the world is moving forward, our fossil fuels are going down and we are unable to find effective alternatives. However, people are now realizing that the traditional way of using biomass fuel and such similar sources is the best thing to do when there is crisis. Unfortunately, this has also become difficult because of the limited wood resources in the world when compared to a century ago. Therefore, experts are considering different sources that are available in abundance and have a great capacity to generate fuel. Wood residues are used as the major sources for the production of biomass fuels; however, animal wastes are also considered as great alternative because of its low price and efficiency.

Different types of animal wastes

The fact that human beings will become extinct without the presence of live stock is proven again with experts seriously developing on producing biomass fuel with animal waste. According to there is a great scope for development in this field and people are showing great interest to use the fuel.

There is abundance of manure, rendering and operation wastes from livestock finishing, which are very difficult to dispose. This difficulty has doubled because of the regulations held by the authorities. So, the best option is to turn such animal wastes into biomass fuels by delivering them to biomass consultants. There are two major categories of animal wastes which are deemed appropriate for the production of biomass fuel.

  • Dry manure of animals

Animal manure is disposed away from the residential areas because of the odor issues and the regulations. It is a burden for those who regulate the disposal and for those who needs to dispose them. Biomass conversion technology is useful to ensure that the manure is converted into biomass fuel and this can help the disposers and those who are trying to regulate it as well.

The dry manure of animals is collected from the feedlots or the livestock corrals. The manure is removed periodically and it depends on the size of the livestock rearing area. Usually, the manure is gathered every six months. Before taking the manure, the biomass consultants will ensure that the moisture percentage is less than 30, which is optimal for fuel production.

  • Wet manure of animals

Apart from the sources mentioned above, dairy industry is considered another option for the production of biomass fuel. These industries have to take care of the manure through automated processes and it becomes easy to collect them. However, the manure is flushed from the area and is in the form of slurry. One has to separate the water from the manure and the result is slightly high moist, slurry form manure. It is a great source for the preparation of fuel and it is simple to collect. However, when compared to the dry manure, it is slightly less effective and the percentage of usability decreases.

The above mentioned animal wastes are the primary sources to create biomass fuel and as one can notice they are available for very low costs and sometimes free; because, many people spend money to dispose them and they would be happy to give the waste to someone for little or no money at all.

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