How to Use SEO for Conversion Optimization

If you think reaching to the top of the page is the peak of your marketing, you’re absolutely wrong – not just partially. Reaching there is one thing and maintaining that position is a different thing altogether.

As SEO experts, our job is to consistently strive to improve the traffic and make people buy on client’s site. Conversion can be anything, like:

  • Buying online
  • Filling out a form
  • Downloading a brochure, or
  • Performing other actions on the site.

So, for concrete results, you need a combination of activities that not only deliver high traffic, it should also yield improvement in conversion. If you’re looking for one, you’ll get low cost search engine optimization Toronto with Webryze.

SEO and conversion always work together for better results and this post tells you how you can achieve the best results.

How SEO Can Improve Conversion

A million-dollar query that puts a lot of content marketers and SEO experts into trouble – how to utilize SEO for conversion. There are few things you could do to improve conversions with the help of organic search.

To put it simple, it’s about the intent. According Avinash Kaushik who is Google’s digital marketing evangelist, you have to SEE, Think and Do. It’s actually a framework he came up with. The framework is all about measuring content marketing activities. The idea here is to categorize users into multiple stages based on their intent.

  • Seehas the largest share of audience around the internet.
  • Thinkrefers to the section of audience that “delineatethemselves by even the slightest amount of intent.”
  • Dorefers to the consideration stage for users who are actually looking to buy something.


  1. Provide What They Need “That Moment”

These three aspects have a huge impact on your client’s conversion rate. If you understand and make sure that the content on his website is based on the intent with respect to all the three stages of user journey, you can improve the conversion rate many folds. It helps you come up with relevant content all the time and when you do that, serving users with something they really need in that particular moment – whether they’re thinking about doing something, researching a product, or looking to make a purchase decision – your chances of increasing conversions will improve a great deal.

  1. Focus on Analytics

Another way how SEO Company can improve conversion, is to look at user’s behavior.If you work very closely with your analytics team, you’ll uncover why users are not converting.

  1. Numbers don’t lie

Your analytics will tell you why users are bouncing at several different landing pages on the website.

Quick Tips to Use SEO for Conversion

Other than this, there are some more questions to answer, with respect to end user’s perspective. We’ve turned them into actionable tips to make them easier to understand for our readers.

  • Use simple call-to-action statements
  • Make your website easier to navigate
  • Loading time is very, very important. Your website should load fast.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly
  • The more steps it take for the user to convert, the more will be the chances of him leaving your site. Create and implement one-step conversion process so that your end users can reach their ultimate goals smoothly and easily (try brochure download or purchase).
  • Your website should have a content that meets the needs of visitors.
  • There’s no question on content. It should always be valuable and relevant.


If any of these things have been overlooked, you need to scrutinize your website and content strategy, and make necessary changes in it.

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