How to Use SEO for Conversion Optimization

If you think reaching to the top of the page is the peak of your marketing, you’re absolutely wrong – not just partially. Reaching there is one thing and maintaining that position is a different thing altogether.

As SEO experts, our job is to consistently strive to improve the traffic and make people buy on client’s site. Conversion can be anything, like:

  • Buying online
  • Filling out a form
  • Downloading a brochure, or
  • Performing other actions on the site.

So, for concrete results, you need a combination of activities that not only deliver high traffic, it should also yield improvement in conversion. If you’re looking for one, you’ll get low cost search engine optimization Toronto with Webryze.

SEO and conversion always work together for better results and this post tells you how you can achieve the best results.

How SEO Can Improve Conversion

A million-dollar query that puts a lot of content marketers and SEO experts into trouble – how to utilize SEO for conversion. There are few things you could do to improve conversions with the help of organic search.

To put it simple, it’s about the intent. According Avinash Kaushik who is Google’s digital marketing evangelist, you have to SEE, Think and Do. It’s actually a framework he came up with. The framework is all about measuring content marketing activities. The idea here is to categorize users into multiple stages based on their intent.

  • Seehas the largest share of audience around the internet.
  • Thinkrefers to the section of audience that “delineatethemselves by even the slightest amount of intent.”
  • Dorefers to the consideration stage for users who are actually looking to buy something.


  1. Provide What They Need “That Moment”

These three aspects have a huge impact on your client’s conversion rate. If you understand and make sure that the content on his website is based on the intent with respect to all the three stages of user journey, you can improve the conversion rate many folds. It helps you come up with relevant content all the time and when you do that, serving users with something they really need in that particular moment – whether they’re thinking about doing something, researching a product, or looking to make a purchase decision – your chances of increasing conversions will improve a great deal.

  1. Focus on Analytics

Another way how SEO Company can improve conversion, is to look at user’s behavior.If you work very closely with your analytics team, you’ll uncover why users are not converting.

  1. Numbers don’t lie

Your analytics will tell you why users are bouncing at several different landing pages on the website.

Quick Tips to Use SEO for Conversion

Other than this, there are some more questions to answer, with respect to end user’s perspective. We’ve turned them into actionable tips to make them easier to understand for our readers.

  • Use simple call-to-action statements
  • Make your website easier to navigate
  • Loading time is very, very important. Your website should load fast.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly
  • The more steps it take for the user to convert, the more will be the chances of him leaving your site. Create and implement one-step conversion process so that your end users can reach their ultimate goals smoothly and easily (try brochure download or purchase).
  • Your website should have a content that meets the needs of visitors.
  • There’s no question on content. It should always be valuable and relevant.


If any of these things have been overlooked, you need to scrutinize your website and content strategy, and make necessary changes in it.

I Could Not Stay Focused In School, So My Teacher Recommended A Life-Saving Product!

Hi, I am a 16 year old school going boy. To be honest, up till the time that I was 13 years old, I was the highest performing student in my class and was most considered to be an all rounder. However, all of this changed gradually when I started experiencing a loss of focus in class. I had no idea why this was happening. I was becoming sleepier and less enthusiastic about everything. No matter how much I slept, I would still wake up feeling exhausted. I wasn’t even eating properly.

Soon enough, my teachers started becoming worried. One of my teachers then called my parents over to school to discuss my performance with them. She told them that I was slacking off and appeared less interested in class lectures. Additionally, I was not as participative as I used to be and that all of this was affecting my grades.

My parents, obviously having no idea what was going on, tuned to me, and asked: “Is this true? Are you having trouble concentrating in school?”

I remember getting so scared at that point that I had no idea what to say. This is when my teacher interrupted and said: “I don’t think this is your son’s fault. Sometimes, your body becomes nutrition- or oxygen-deficient due to certain reasons. The lesser the oxygen that your brain receives, the more lethargic you feel. And it is pretty clear from what your son is experiencing that he has become deprived of oxygen.”

“So what do you suggest we do?” asked my parents.

“I remember having faced a similar situation with my daughter a while back and I found myself asking the same question. However, soon enough, I stumbled upon NutriO2 by Kevin Richardson. This has not only been a lifesaver for my daughter but for me as well. What this supplement does is that it fills your body up with the necessary oxygen so that it becomes fit and focused again.”

My mother at that point was blankly starring at my teacher not knowing how to respond. Soon after, my dad started talking: “Look, I don’t think I would want my son to take some random supplement.”

“Oh, but this is not just any supplement. It helps cure most of the ailments that we human beings face today. We fail to understand how important oxygen is for our body. You can first research the product online and if you find it to be good, then you can consider giving it to your son. I am only here to give you suggestions that I feel are most worthy.”

They were suspicious that my teacher was doing something on the sideline! But while they were skeptical, my parents decided to give it a try.

However, soon after, they read so many positive reviews about the product and started giving it to me. Soon enough, I was back to my old self, maybe even better. I was back on the top of my class, got elected in the student body for the year, and helped to organize our school trip.

I tell you, there is nothing better than feeling like your best self and perform to your optimal capacity every day.

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Prostitution and how to report it

criminal defence lawyer north york is needed for many different things, including prostitution which is one of the oldest types of crimes.

Prostitution, pornography and other forms of commercial sex are a multimillion dollar industry. It is used to enrich a small minority of predators while most companies pay the damages.

Persons employed in the sex industry often require medical attention as a result of the ongoing violence. Most of them need to be treated for infections, including AIDS. Survivors often need mental help for post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotic episodes and suicidal thoughts. About a third of them end up chronically incapacitated to do anything.

Sex trafficking has played an active role in increasing the problems of alcohol and drugs abuse. Pimps also use prostitutes in fraud and counterfeiting. The company must pay for the treatment of drug addicts, insurance costs and arrests. In addition to these costs, society loses the contribution that could be used for legitimate social activity of the victims of the sex industry.

Supervisors in jobs with sex not only do not pay these people, many manage to avoid payment of all costs.
No business cannot afford to create a product for which there are no buyers. The first step in understanding the sex industry is in understanding the buyer. Prostitution is considered as a business for many people. Lots of them got rich by selling innocent women all over the world. The saddest thing is that there is no really a way to stop this and prevent it from happening. It is a global problem that exists everywhere.

Prostitution is one of the worst types of crimes that is often being neglected. Although everyone has a right to work and be independent, many women decide to work as prostitutes because they have nothing else to do. Prostitutes are often women who were abused by their families or partner. Most of them have emotional trauma and are doing that to prove to the society that they can be independent too. Unfortunately a large number of prostitutes end up as addicts who abuse alcohol and drugs. They work to buy alcohol and drugs. Some of them have kids who were given for an adoption because they were not able to find a decent job and are working as prostitutes.

Prostitution is forbidden by the authorities for many reasons. It can be a cause of spreading many illnesses that most of the times have permanent damage on people’s health.

If you know someone who works in this field you should report it immediately. First, have a conversation with a criminal defense lawyer who will give you legal advice about what to do. Then, go to the authorities and report the crime. Only a small number of people decides to report these types of crimes because they feel that they may get involved into something bad.

Treatment offered by therapy Toronto through psychodynamic therapy

Ever since its origin from the ideology of Sigmund Freud psychotherapy has underwent many changes. The field has seen its ebbs and flows, with the elimination of several ineffective methods and inclusion of new methods for effective treatment of the patient. As a result, psychotherapy got split into many branches dealing with the same problem in different methods. Psychodynamics is one such field gaining a lot of impetus in the modern world.

Psychodynamics is not a treatment in which the patient relaxes on a couch, expressing his/her views of the world and how situations have led to forming a depressive state, while the Toronto therapist sits besides the patient with all the patience in the world listening carefully. The method adopted for therapy Toronto is effective because it is based on research facilitating clear understanding of the traumatic situations of the patient and providing great solutions.

How does it function?

Interestingly psychodynamic therapy isn’t based on a single school of thought and includes various methods that work in a beneficial manner on the patient. However, there are some fundamental ideas that make this therapy admirable. The primary belief associated with this therapy is that unconscious mind plays a major role in the adverse behavior of an individual and tending to that part with precision heals the mind of the malignancy accumulated due to traumatic incidents.

Any psychodynamic doctor north melbourne, fortunately, has comprehensive knowledge about the functionality of the mind and the aspects that can be dealt with by altering the view point of the patient. For having such intense treatment every detail of the patient such as beliefs, memories and mental habits are collected to get a complete idea about the working nature of the mind of the patient. In other words, the therapist will have to think & see the world like the patient in order to understand the patient’s problems in a holistic manner.

Does psychodynamic therapy really work?

As psychodynamic therapy doesn’t function like the traditional psychotherapy and involves single and direct interaction with the patient the results are inevitable. A Toronto therapist interacts with a patient directly and after few sessions the patient would eventually open up and discuss the most concealed facts about himself/herself facial cream.

The patient is encouraged to talk about any topic as long as the therapist feels it would help in the improvement of the psychological condition of the patient and most of the times it would be a topic close to the heart of the patient which has left a scar. If there is any hesitation or blockage of ideas, the therapist will immediately recognize that there is a problem untold and emphasizes gently on revealing it. It provides an opportunity to cure the mental ailments of the patient completely. So, if a question is asked whether or not the therapy works, the answer would be a “yes”.

However, if you’re going for such treatment it is to be remembered that without opening up and revealing every thought to a therapist in Toronto there is nothing one could do and the sessions would be in vain. So, one should not hesitate about privacy or shame as a therapist understands that life has many dark corners and they are there to help fight them out.

Children and divorce

Divorce is certainly one of the most dramatic events in the life of the family and every divorce law firms Toronto is aware of that. No matter how good or bad the marriage was, the reason still leaves a deep mark and spouses need a long recovering from the stress. Although it may seem to you that you are the saddestpersonin the world, there is someone who suffers about your divorce much more than you, and that is your child.

Many psychologists believe that the childrenshould not be the reason to stay married. Rather, bad marriage will have a much more negative effect than divorce, because the child will certainly notice that something strange is happening. It is required the child to be prepared for this new situation.

The child always comes first

When it comes to divorce, parents are often feeling guilty and trying to think of somestories to tell their children, in order to make them understand. But if you want your childrento be honest with you in the future, then you must be honest with them too.

If you and your partner are two reasonable human beings who think that solution can be found only through a divorce, make sure the to tell your child.

The conversation with the child has to be done by both, either together or separately. If you choose the second option, then your stories must match in order not to confuse and hurt your child even more.

Knowing your child, you can imagine what questions would follow when you mention the divorce.Prepare adequate answers to match.

Do not be selfish

Even if your partner has done something horrible, hold the anger to yourself. Because the child does not need have negative feelings for the other parent. The child needs to know that the decision was mutual and that you will stay his/her parents forever.

Most of the times children see themselves as the reason for the divorce of their parents. Given that children are stubborn, you should be persistent in wanting to convince them that there is no reason to feel that way. Explain that your love for them cannot disappear even if you and the other parent cannot be together anymore.

Life goes on

Explain in details what changes the child should await, where and who will live with, how often he/she will see the other parent. No matter where the child stays, both parents must give immense attention and have an understanding of the child’s feelings.

Never neglect the children, no matter how hard you feel. Their well – being and their real education must always be on your mind. In addition, you will feel better even for a moment if you forget the sorrow when you see your children smile.

To provide a proper care for your child it does not mean that you have to spoil him/her. You do not need to neglect the school obligations, nor should you allow them to do what they want in order not to feel bad because the label “child of divorced parents” will be mentioned.You need to be friend with your kid and show them the right path.